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what do I do?

I help shape your intended information, education or training message and assist in communicating it, to your target audience, in the most effective way.


how do I do it?

Primarily using video and adding print or web based support materials - whatever will be the most effective tool or combination of tools.


what are the objectives ?

Engage the user, tell the "story" and impart your message with absolute clarity. The user will understand the information first time, every time with no confusion, no frustration.



greg punch - corproate video producer & director


updated October 2013

six new arts videos for ACARA

Benjamin Northey

As director, cameraman and editor, I recently completed a series of three minute information videos for ACARA, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.

The videos are aimed mainly at school teachers, serving as an introduction to the new National Curriculum in the Arts.

Five of the videos look at specific subject areas - Music, Media Arts, Fine Arts, Drama and Dance - plus an overview video explains the philosophy behind the new curriculum.

Filming involved teenagers in drama classes; fine art activities with primary aged students and a five camera coverage of a rehearsal of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Benjamin Northey, on stage in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

All the videos will be added to ACARAs web site early in 2014.


the "new" Majestic unveiled

A new ten minute video documentary on one of the most unusual adaptive reuse architectural projects ever undertaken in Sydney.

The challenge was turing a disused 1921 theatre / cinema / roller rink into a residential and retail complex, entirely within the shell of the existing building.

Back in April 2011 I discovered a favourite haunt from my youth, the Majestic Roller Rink in Petersham, Sydney, was about to undergo this once in a lifetime transformation.

It was too good an opportunity to miss as nearly nine decades of paint, dirt and superficial redecorations were to be peeled away to bare brick.

I grabbed my camera, a hard hat and gained permission from the developers to undertake a step-by-step documentation, in stills and video

18 months later, the result was a detailed 28 minute documentary (for the hard core architicture and theatre history buffs) plus this trinned down, ten minute public edition.


children's film for third international festival

A two minute film. "Footprints", created in association with the students and staff of Bourke Street Public School in Surry Hills, Sydney, has screened at the REEL KIDS International Children's Film Festival in Ontario, Canada.

Previously the film had also screened at both the Los Angeles and San Francisco International Children's Film Festivals.

"Footprints", was one of eighteen short films to emerge from workshops I helped run over a three year period, building on the skills of the same students year by year.

The film does not try to explain a concept but rather open it up for discussion with a question - "What is a carbon footprint?"

The ideas in the film emerged from a student think tank about environmental issues and how to explain them to children aged 8-11 using the medium of video.


capturing the essence of a Greek Cafe & a 75 year old theatre

"Peter's" is a classic 1930's cafe in the tiny northern NSW town of Bingara. It is typical of the cafes created and operated by industrious immigrants from Greece in the first half of the 20th century. The cafe is directly integrated with the Roxy thatre, a beautifully preserved, small town, art deco delight.

"Peter's" has been restored to reflect the period 1936 to 1950. New furnishings have been painstakingly reproduced to match the surviving elements and classic cafe fittings, some from other similar buildings in nearby towns, have been incorporated into the 'time warp' interior. Stepping through the front doors you believe you had just been transported back 60 or 70 years.

Above is the link to a short video postcard incorporating both venues and a street party of plate breaking proportions!


26 University videos delivered

Eighteen months in the making (it was a stop / start process) were 26 promotional videos for the University of Western Sydney.

The videos run between 90 seconds and four minutes and look at various aspects of the School of Education.

54 interviewees tell of their experiences, illustrated with students, teachers and researchers involved in activities both within and beyond the University.

The videos are destined for the University's web site and a series of DVDs.
see select videos on UWS web site


"Lives Not Still" - three short comedies

wide open

A triptych of misadventure could be a handle to collectively describe "Get a Life Coach", "Dog on a Leash" and "Wide Open" - three short comedy films written by Michael Neaylon and directed myself.

All three films screened at the SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL in South Australia in April 2011 and have also been shown at CAUGHT OUT and NEWTOWN FLICKS in Sydney.

In 2010 two of the films were finalists in the SHEPPARTON SHORTS Film Festival while the third piece premiered in Stratford, Victoria, the night after the Shepparton screenings.

See the films on youtube:
Get a Life Coach
Wide Open
Dog on a Leash



documentary on community cinema

A ten minute documentary, "Not The Last Picture Show" is about volunteer run cinema and film clubs in country towns.

It's now being distributed on DVD through the Australian Council of Film Societies and can be previewed via YouTube - the most convenient way to get the story to small communities scattered across the country.


film collection #2 for release

The second collection of Australian Short films from Newtown Flicks is now available. It contains 13 diverse films, all award winners and audience favourites from past festivals.

I was involved in selecting the films along with the festival Director, then designing and coordinating the packaging and duplication process.

The first collection has been distributed to around 30 small communities across the country. Much of this was possible through a deal struck with the Australian Council of Film Societies, linking with their extensive network.

A special trimmed down selection will also be distributed to fifty more towns through a special arrangement with Country Energy and Mojo Events, using the films as charity fundraisers to benefit the immediate communities in which they screen. Mojo and Country Energy have been enormously supportive in helping the films reach smaller communities who do not have access to mainstream let alone alternative cinema.

Thanks again to the film makers who provided their short films for inclusion in this valuable project.

More information via the Newtown Flicks web site.



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